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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  February 8, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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plate and if you might need rest. good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> you are watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. a story we broke that will break your heart. police are looking for the body of a 2-year-old believed to have been killed by her mother. the mom has admitted to the crime. the details are straight ahead. >> no one not even the ravens expected 200,000 people at their victory party. what could have been done differently next time to control the crowds. that's what the city is looking at. >> we are expected to get hammered across parts of new england but a wintery mix could mean your kids could get out of school early today. the latest on the winter storm and how it could be impacting you on this friday, it's february 8th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. that's the big story and we have team coverage on the weather. we want to remind you any cancellations and delays that come into us will be on your scene or you can -- screen or you can find them
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twitter or facebook. >> we are watching the radars and the clock. when will it begin to impact us the most severely. >> so you are talking about a wintery mix and mainly the snow. we will have in between. this morning we have wintery mix but basically it's off towards the west. i will show you the radar in second. and more into the afternoon switching over to rain for everyone and around 7:00 this evening, 6 this evening, we will start to get on the snow. we could have some accumulations and i will have all that coming up. the winter weather advisory will impact travel for today until 10, we can see the areas here shaded in the blue. as you look at the pinks, this is a wenter storm warning for pourings of the pennsylvania and further you go into new york -- portions of pennsylvania and further you go into new york. this is a storm that's going to get ramped up as we go through time. maryland's most powerful radar picking up on solid rein across the area. heavier rein along -- rain
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across the area. heavier rain along eastern shore. light rain around anne arundel county and this is the snow intfrederick and i-70 and a within theory mix across the area as well. we are dealing with sleet snow and freezing rain and as we go throughout the day. everybody will have rain and once again back to snow. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. sleet, snow and freezing rain and fog this morning. so be extra careful. you might want to use the low beams. here's a live look in frederick county at interstate 70. east of 270. no delays in the area but again that within theory mix is falling. so -- within theory mix is falling so prep -- wintery mix is falling so prepare yourself from slick conditions. you won't have any trouble down to the beltway and it will be nice and clear getting on the jfx and head into the site. it will take 11 minutes southbound from the beltway all the way down to fayette street. 695 is in great shape. no problems from parkville up
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to towson and over on the west side of the beltway, looking at a normal 11-minute ride on the outer loop from 795 to 95. that's a look at your morning commute now over to you. that winter weather is moving into our area this morning. and people are preparing to fly out today. they can run into delays because of the weather. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live at bwi with more. how are things looking right now? >> reporter: well, right now, we are definitely seeing rain coming down pretty good a rain coming down. and you know i am here at bwi and it's a chance to call and talk to some of the airport authority and basically there are some delays, but southwest airlines does not have any flight delays right now. they said really it's a good idea if you check online and check your individual airline to see which one is doing southwest airlines does not have flight delays but continue to check. i had a chance to call the state highway administration and basically they said they are keeping a close eye on the weather right now.
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but it's mostly rain. they had some trucks out in howard county but basically they are keeping a close eye on it. if it starts to get bad they will put trucks on the road. with amtrak amtrak is suspending service between new york and boston starting this afternoon. airports across the country are preparing for problems and nearly 3,000 flights have been canceled across the country. but once again, here at bwi, they urge you to contact and check online your individual airlines. now passengers are basically taking this all in stride and here at home, road crews are on stand by. they said at the first sign of problems they will hit the road but again they do have some trucks out in howard county. and you can also keep an eye and follow us on twitter at abc2 news. we will have all the latest updates on the wentry weather. reporting live here at bwi, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. an update on the delays this morning. we will get back to the news in a moment. baltimore county public schools
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and hereford zone on a two-hour delay this is the first delay into you on good morning maryland. more are sure to come and we will keep you updated a we remain on the air. -- as we remain on the air. the search continues for a the body of a 2-year-old girl. child's mother admitted to smothering her and dumping her body in the trash. linda so has the latest. this is a heart breaking and disturbing story but where are investigators with this right my. >> reporter: they think the body is in a railcar headed out of statech the mother admitted to putting the girl's body in a dumpster in her annapolis neighborhood. police have tracked the contents of the dumpster to a railcar that is at the trash transfer station in jessup. investigators will resume their search for the body of 2-year- old kassidey booth this morning her mother told police she laid on top of the toddler until she was dead and put her in the dumpster. a concerned neighbor called police when she didn't see
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kassidey for days and booth told police her daughter was with a relative but later admitted to killing her. >> i spoke to her hi chelsea and she didn't speak to me. i guess that was really on her mind at the time. but she is just -- she changed after a certain period of time. >> booth is charged with first and second degree murder this morning. and she is held without bail. linda so, abc2 news. a teenage leaving the ravens superbowl celebration was stabbed to death. police are using surveillance camera and photos to catch the possible killer. this image shows a pair of men on the street and a deadly encounter. and two of his friends were injured. police believe smith and the killer did know each other but they don't know exactly what led to the stabbing. these are some of the images right now and they are pretty graphic. so if you check them out at be warned this is graphic, graphic photographs. a judge is expected to
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decide today if robert gladden junior will be trilled in juvenile court. he's cuesed of shooting -- tried in jewel knife -- juvenile court. he is accused of shooting a fellow student. 200,000 people were at the celebration of the ravens victory no one expected a crowd that huge. so for the most part the day went on without a hitch. it was a pretty peaceful day without any serious incidents. however ravens officials say that the next big event they will not extend an open-have i station to fans without -- open invitation to fans without passing out free tickets so people can attend but they will anticipate a number of how many people will show up. sticking with the ravens and the superbowl celebration, he is on the cover of sports illustrated and he is a star in the making. >> he is. he is fun to watch on the field and off the field. jacoby jones made an appearance on jimmy kimmel live and scored two touchdowns on sunday and naturally his touchdown dances
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were something that came up. >> i have my dance and make them up and during the week of practice i do them. seriously i do it and see what the teammates think and they be like yeah do that and night before the game i be in the mirror practicing the whole time. and then. >> i mean would you consider being on dancing with the stars?as a representative of the abc television network, i would like to offer you the chance to compete on dancing with the stars. what do you think about that? >> let me ask you this. do polar bears pull on ice? >> in fact, they pooh wherever they want because they are bears. >> i know but i heard that and i was like do they in will he be on dancing with the stars? >> you share something in common with gentleman could by jones because you practice your celebration dances in front of the mirror too. >> not necessarily in front of the mirror but i do practice
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ray lewis' dance when no one is looking at home. >> you can catch jimmy kimmel here week nights beginning at 11:35. >> we will have to wait and see. let's us know on facebook what you think. one for the record books, all over the north east they are preparing now for a monster snowstorm. >> thousands of flights across the country are canceled so what else is being done to get ready for the big storm? >> you know you shouldn't eat before bed but what you eat through the day could be affecting your sleep pattern. chow down the extra hot salsa. >> one part of the storm is moving in. we are feeling the effects and we have another part. i will tell you when that moves in and how it will change our weather coming up. >> reporter: we are off to a rany start right now in anne arundel county but no delays on 97 just south of 695. i will let you know what traffic looks like on 95 and 83 coming up on good morning maryland. how do we take an unpolished room and make it shine?
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a snowstorm blew across the midwest and making its way out east the milwaukee area buried in snowp and snow fell there --
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snow. and snow fell there as much as an inch per hour and it's ebb spec to -- expect to taper off as the night wears on. the storm system will comfort northeast with another system creating what could be a historic blizzard for the region coming up today. the storm headed for the northeast is impacting travel especially air travel. thousands of flights are canceled ahead of the storm. new england could get smacked with up to two feet of snowch the most cancellations today are out of newark liberty and boston logan international airport. laguardia is seeing some too. this is logan airport getting ready for the big storm. >> all right now we have got sherrie johnson out this morning at bwi letting you know about delays and cancellations and we are still sort of ahead in the prestages of this right? >> exactly. and we are saying prestages because we are getting the rain for the most part. looking off towards the west around frederick county they are getting a mix and down in dc a little mix there as well. and when i am saying mixing i
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am talking freezing rain sleet and snow. but the bulk of us getting rain. but this will switch over later tonight to all snow. but what's happening with this is that we are going to have this storm from the west merge with this storm that's coming up from the south. now, if we didn't have the dynamics of this storm all this moisture, this deep moisture coming in from the south, this storm back towards the west would be nothing really. it would be more like a clipper system those little clippers that come in and drop a dusting to an inch or two. but this will give it energy and bring all the blizzard warnings and conditions that we are going to be seeing for new england. and on the backside of it, we will be seeing measurable snow as well. temperatures right now telling the whole story this morning of whether we are getting plain rain like parkville coming in at 35. 34 in chestertown and the temperatures are above freezing. the surface is cold. so a lot of spots dealing with freezing rain and that's what it is. the rain comes down and freezes on contact. but if you look for
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today, tomorrow, we do have now more powerful storms so we are thinking that we will get more snow on the backside of this as we go through later tonight and also as we go into tomorrow morning. so future trend, abc2's most accurate future trend goes into motion. the rain gets out and the snow starts around 7:00 this evening. and then when it's all said and done by tomorrow morning, well, we can expect snow totals up to 3 to 4 the further to the north and east you go and then maybe around baltimore 2 to 3 that's a possibility. the further south you go about 1 inch but we are on the rain- snow line if it goes a little more to the north, then, that is the area that will get more snow and little more to the south we can see more around baltimore. so, just keep it tuned and make sure you follow me on twitter at abc2 weather. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. people need to get the shovels ready right? if you are traveling this morning, be extra careful on frederick county. we are dealing with a wintery mix freezing rain so it's extremely important to take it
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slow and more problems in baltimore county where the rain is coming down hard. if you are traveling into the city the jfx is clear and there's not any delays from the beltway to downtown. 695 as we check in and look live here in parkville at harford road. everything moving along. looking at an 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 95 up to 83. and the inner loop will be nice and clear as you make the push down to 95. here in white marsh no concerns on 95. it's going to take you 14 minutes to travel from the beltway all the way to downtown baltimore. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. all right throughout the course of the morning we will update you on delays and everything we have coming into us now. we started with baltimore county hereford zone just 10 minutes ago now more coming in. >> more coming in. howard and harford county are delayed two hours this morning and just stay with us on abc2 news and we will tweet out the delays and, of course, put them on facebook as well as the web page. so you can count on us when
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there are cancellations and delays, we will pass them along. a health alert, an undergrad at loyola has meningitis which is spread through close contact. roommates and others close to the student are being offered antibiotics. symptoms high fear head air and neck stiffness and a rash. call your doctor if you are experiencing any of the symptoms. a poor sleeping habits can lead to overeating but can unhealthy diets keep you up at night? a study suggest yes. people in different sleep categories and shorter sleepers consumed the most calories and very short sleep hers the least variation in what -- sleepers had the least variation of what they ate. something to keep in mind as you head out today. they swam with doll fence but found something bigger and
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a lot better. >> incredible video of a humpback whale that stopped by to say hello, to the tour group. >> and you get dirty looks when your kids misbehave but instead of punishing a restaurant owner is rewarding those who are. what he is offering for polite children. >> you want to go to the website and down load the app. we are following a storm and it will give you alerts for for instance. we are talking about hunt valley showing you a winter weather advisory and we will deal with the fact we will deal with school -- fact that we will deal with school cancellations. good morning maryland will be right back.
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with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network, including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity.
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dolphin swim tour got a whale of a upgrade off the coast of hawaii. the company said everyone climbed out of the watter when they saw a humpback whale approaching many those on theboat said she danced around for a half-hour and gave a tail wave and then did what wails do kept on swimming. >> incredible. >> we told you about kid free flights and no kids allowed restaurants hours. these stories are popping up. >> parents you will like this one restaurant is rewarding
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parents when the pintsized diners show good manners. lori king and her family went to the restaurant and they saw a line that read discount for well behaved kids on their bill. kids are age 2, 3 and 8 and restaurant owner said they were respectful and polite. not policy but the owner does try to reward good behavior if he sees it. he sang to pump up the ravens and now they are singing to celebrate the team. >> yeah. ♪ >> remember them is in the rapping family from bel air are back in a ravens state of mind. >> and good morning america is back to normal sooner thanexpected. when robin roberts is he expected back on -- expected back onset. >> and school delays are happening right now they are on the screen. baltimore county hereford zone
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and harford county on two hour delays. we will update you as they come in. lynette has the latest with the weather and lauren cook hat has the latest with the traffic. we will be -- has the latest with the traffic. we will be right back. how do we take an unpolished room and make it shine? we get doing... ...with a store full of ways to get it done. we can all throw on our work clothes... ...and throw out any doubt. because right now's the time to take those rooms from... ..."think i can do this?" to... ..."let me show you what i just did." more saving. more doing.
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5:25. thanks for joining us. good morning america cohost robin roberts will return to the anchor desk sooner than we speced. she is going to return on wednesday february 20th that's five months to the day since robin roberts underwent a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare bloodies order. this delayed side effect from her 2007 breast cancer treatment. abc will have her inspirational story in a special edition of 20/20 on abc airing friday february 22nd at 10 p.m. they are back the bel air family that is saying the ravens is fighters is back with a victory song for the superbowl champs. and we will roll that footage right now. [ music ] ♪ flacco chose he can compete and answered the critics in becoming elite ♪
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>> that's from the tune empire state of mind by jay-z and alicia keys and they changed the title to ravens state of mind and posted it yesterday and we have a feeling it will go viral too. dad can roll out the rhymes. >> he can. the girls are tough too. stay with us this morning. he was warming up the coffee maker and putting out the fresh donuts when something unexpected happened. >> a crash caught on camera but thanks to the agility and quick thinking of everyone involved, they are doing okay today. >> we want to remind you there's delays to pass along. baltimore county hereford zone howard county schools and parker county public schools are all on a two-hour delay. we will be right back. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money more signs of recovery in the job market the number of americans filing new application for new unemployment benefits was down by 5,000 and the four week average is down to over 350,000. lowest level in five years. the irs is cracking down on
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identity theft. criminals use stolen identities to file fraudulent returns and receive bogus refunds. the irs says it prevented this is of 20 billion dollars. they home the redesigned thetundra pickup will lure buyers away from american pickups and introduce it with a tougher squared off look at the chicago auto show. and in the spirit of valentine day more than 8% of artist hooked up with a colleague number 2 for workplace flings was cooks and next welders with more than 6%. that's america's money. i am rob nelson.
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